Why We Can’t Use Outside Software Developers – Excuse #441

“We believe that by building our own in-house team we’ll be more valuable.”

Well I believe that if you don’t get a quality product to market quickly, you’re going to get your clock cleaned. You’re going to be late to market. You’re going to have no revenue. You’re going to be worth a big fat goose-egg and you know what? Being five times more valuable because you own your own capital draining resources gives you a shorter runway to be of any value. Being 5 times more valuable than zero because you own your own resources is five times zero. It’s still zero.

Maybe it’s right. Maybe owning your own resources does increase the value of a company. Yet nothing increases value more than revenue and usually you need a product for revenue.

Let’s put this in NFL terms. Since 1976 the 6 expansion teams entered the league. Not one of those teams finished with a winning record. The best of them, the Carolina Panthers won a commendable 44% of their games while as a group the winning percentage was 21 percent.

Win %
1976Tampa Bay Buccaneers0140%
1976Seattle Seahawks21214%
1995Carolina Panthers7944%
1995Jacksonville Jaguars41225%
1999Cleveland Browns21413%
2002Houston Texans41225%

Ever watch the NFL Pro-Bowl? Because according to their ratings, you were the other person that sat through that crappy show. If you were expecting to watch two pick-up teams play a complicated game that is dependent on strategy, coordination, discipline and the knowledge of a teammates habits, strengths and weaknesses and expected to see good football… you were surely disappointed.

A pickup team isn’t going to beat a well-oiled machine. The same is true in football and software development. Now just maybe, you get lucky and can quickly assemble a 1995 Jacksonville Jaguars team and finish the year with a 7 and 9 record. Wouldn’t it had been better if you rented and fielded the 2013 Seattle Seahawks who won the Super Bowl and finishing their season 17 and 3? It took Seattle 13 years to take that first NFL expansion pick-up team to a perennial championship contender.

Assembling a development team is a lot like assembling a NFL football team. Great players are already working for great teams. They’re locked into long-term projects. There aren’t many talented, affordable free-agents on the market. Sometimes first round draft choices turn out to be duds. It takes more than a year to assemble a talented team and then to start posting wins up on the board. It takes time to develop a culture, systems, and procedures.

When you hire 10Pearls, you’re hiring the Seattle Seahawks of software development to take the field with you. We’ve gone through the growing pains. We’ve built a solid winning team. We have developed the culture, the process the procedures.

Hiring us affords you the flexibility to hire in-house staff and retire and replace 10Pearls staff as you patiently and carefully acquire #1 draft picks. It allows you to integrate those draft choices and free agents into a winning culture. To acclimate them into a winning system. To build your team consciously, deliberately, carefully and successfully.

It’s okay to build your own team. Just don’t think that you’re going to build them and start winning overnight. Or you can take a winning team and integrate new players over time and build a dynasty. We at 10Pearls would like to help you start posting wins on the board!

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