To address the need for a greater pool of trained resources and enhancing the technical and management skills of 10Pearls employees and other resources in the IT industry, 10Pearls has laid the foundation of 10Pearls University. Offering trainings on cutting-edge technologies in a state-of-the-art center, 10Pearls University aims to institutionalize a knowledge-based environment where employees and other professionals of the industry are motivated to make learning a continuous process.

10Pearls University conducts workshops and training sessions on advanced technologies to enhance and hone the skill sets of the abundant technical talent of the country, building on individual growth and improvement. It also intends to bring international technology events home through webinars along with organizing of innovative technology competitions on a country-wide basis.

10Pearls University builds on leadership skills among industry resources through organizing tech talks by industry gurus and conducting panel discussions. The facility also aims to bridge the gap between university students and companies by organizing boot camp sessions and inviting external technical and motivational speakers and trainers.

Our Aims &

10Pearls University plans to keep employees & other industry resources up to date with the latest technological breakthroughs all over the world by providing a high-tech training center equipped with advanced facilities consisting of a training auditorium and contemporary labs where trainings on innovative technologies are being held.

10Pearls University was established with the objectives of:

Holding corporate-wide program to ensure vital information and trainings are shared across all employees

Building a culture of continuous technical and business learning and operational improvement

Training on latest and front-line technologies to improve the skillsets of resources

Establishing thought leadership in the overall IT industry by organizing tech-talks and panel discussions.

Launching a Boot Camp for new employees with the objective of mentorship on the 10Pearls culture, giving them a hands on experience & knowledge of the 10Pearls Way

Arranging Hackathons, Testathons and other industry liaison initiatives

Our Industry-Wide Programs

10Pearls University will also be holding workshops, trainings and competitions on an industry wide basis throughout the country. Some of the Industry Liaison Initiatives include the following:

Technical Workshops

Live technical sessions, e.g. ngConf 2016 for Angular 2.0

Cutting-Edge Technology Trainings

Advanced Technical trainings are held for industry professionals where external trainers and motivational speakers are invited to share their knowledge.


International tech events and sessions

Tech Meet Ups

Regular meet ups of testers/developers from local IT industry to share challenges and opportunities

Hackathons & Testathons

Competitions to analyze and test the technical concepts and theories of trainees

Boot Camps

Mentorship on the 10Pearls culture, providing fresh graduates and trainees a hands on experience and knowledge of the 10Pearls Way